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Love love love the painting!
Linda Black - 29 Oct 2013
Wendy have to let you know that a put the Sculpted painting exactly where I thought I would love it. Made me smile and I think I will have that feeling each time I look up at it. Thank you for sharing your gift! Helen
Helene - 18 Oct 2013
We are pleased to introduce our newest artist to the Victoria Emerging Art Collection, Wendy Oppelt. Her use of textured acrylic creates stunning contrasts of bright and dark shades emphasized by a hint of gloss to make her pieces shine like pure sun. Oppelt uses a deep charismatic stroke to represent nature’s beauty along with careful detailing to create a unique story on canvas.
Apartment Gallery, Victoria, BC - 15 Jun 2013
LOve your art!! Already have two paintings!!
colleen coppin - 14 Apr 2013
It was great to see you new work on display at the Royal McPherson. I am so happy I discovered you through your exhibit at Moka House on Hillside and was lucky enough to meet you and go home with "Be Free" (which I enjoy every day). I look forward to checking back to see your latest paintings. Rhonda
Rhonda - 24 Mar 2013
I'm attaching a photo of my parents' home with their new painting - I think it fits perfectly (Iike it was meant to be), it looks fabulous in both natural and artificial light, and I know they will be pleased (they're still in Hawaii) ;-) I look forward to discovering your next painting in an unexpected location soon! Happy creating to you - may the return of spring bring you more motivation
Christine - 18 Feb 2013
I'm staring at your painting in the Serious Coffee in Cook Street Village. I don't have the disposable income to buy it, but I wish I did. And I'm not sure I have the vocabulary to discuss watercolors adequately, but there is a life and dream-like quality to your painting. It inspires a sense of yearning in me. Perhaps it's the warmth of the yellow and orange birds juxtaposed with their faceless anonymity. Maybe it's the burning colours of the birds and leaves contrasting the cool spring tones. It's hopeful, untouchable and serene. I can't put my finger on it's essence, and probably never would if I owned it. I guess I just want to say thanks for displaying it where I like to spend my time studying. It brightened my evening. Max
Max - 23 Jan 2013
I can't tell you how much my staff and I have enjoyed your burst of colour on our walls, it's a pleasure to come to work each day just to see that.
Alexander's Coffee - Sidney BC - 18 Oct 2012
Hello Wendy, I want to thank you for your beautiful art, Red is Best looks wonderful in my living room on my fireplace mantel. The colours are perfect for my space, having two red side chairs and hits of blue and green that now pop out with the presence of your painting.
wanda - 23 Feb 2012
Hey Wendy!! Jeffrey emailed me in response to my Valentine and told me that you are painting! So I looked you up! They are FABULOUS. Congratulations on finding your niche. They...even just over my computer...convey passion and joy. Well done. xoxo Cherie
Cherie - 23 Feb 2012
sHey Wendy, My wife loves, I mean loves the painting. I feel so smart. Great to meet you - enjoyed our conversation. Richard
Richard - 30 Jan 2012
The painting looks awesome! It makes me smile!!!! I hung it by my red chair..which also makes me smile!! Thanks!!
Trish - 17 Jan 2012
Hi Wendy, Thank you so much for being our guest artist last night. We really enjoyed seeing your approach to textural acrylic painting, and as Rory Kirby said in his thank-you, you bring a world of excitement to the canvas. It was a well presented demo, very refreshing, and enjoyed by all!
Fred Alcock- President Oak Bay Art Club - 14 Apr 2011
Hi, Wendy. I just unpacked the painting a minute ago. It's absolutely gorgeous! Even my kids love it. It was really nice meeting you. Thanks again for the hospitality, and the wonderful painting. It will bring me joy every day. You can't look at that painting and be anything but happy.
Coleen - 15 Mar 2011
My husband and I fell in love with one of Wendy's painting we saw, but unfortunately someone already purchased it! We contacted Wendy and we told her about the painting and she made a custom painting for us! We absolutey LOVE it and we truly enjoyed working with Wendy. Thank you Wendy!!
Erin McCall - 1 Feb 2011
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