Wendy Oppelt
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(posted on 16 Oct 2017)

Just a fun photo of me and my goofy husband walking the seawall in Vancouver. The second photo is Jeff standing in front of a stunning painting by CHAKI. I've been a CHAKI fan since the 80's!

(posted on 18 Jul 2017)

The lovely ladies from the Victoria Arts Council, Stephanie and Brin (left), and Kerry Liggins and Barbara Adams, founders of Artishow 'Artist in Residence' program dropped by the Oak Bay Beach Hotel today.

Very proud to have signed on with Benaya Art. My bike image will be sold by retailers throughout North America and four other images have been chosen for distribution in the UK!

(posted on 18 Nov 2016)

As an artist I am reminded daily how important my eyesight is. Recently I had a scare with my vision but thankfully I had simple surgery to prevent me from losing my eyesight. One artist I have held immense respect for is Sargy Mann. He lost his vision during his career but continued to paint. You can checkout his story here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9vHwCIaSwM

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